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1 in 4

Domestic abuse has been of increasing public concern in the UK since the 1970s. However, domestic abuse in same sex relationships is only becoming more apparent - particularly due to campaigns run by charities such as Broken Rainbow - a charity offering advice and support to LGBT victims of domestic abuse. Luckily, the charity has had its funding extended until 2017 following fears that the service may have been at risk.

Domestic abuse within same sex relationships is a problem that affects a large number of the population. 1 in 4 of the lesbian and gay people experience domestic abuse. As yet, there has been very little research into the experience of bisexual or trans people.

Abuse is not often recognised - this is due to many experiencing emotional sexual abuse rather then physical violence. Sexuality can also be used as a tool of control. The perpetrator (the abusive person) may threaten to out their partner, or deny them access to meet other LGBT people therefore restricting the opportunity to develop friendships or a support network.

Although the figure of 1 in 4 may seem high - it is likely that the true figure exceeds this as most same sex survivors do not report to agencies. Individuals fear discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Local support services are available should you feel that there are abusive elements to your relationship. Services in the Cheshire area are all-inclusive and support adults and young people experiencing controlling and violent relationships - whether it be from your partner, child or parent.

Local sources of support:

Cheshire East Domestic Abuse 0300 123 5101
Cheshire West Family Safety Unit 01606 351375
Body Positive 01270 653150

Broken Rainbow - specific LGBT domestic abuse support 0300 999 5428
Men’s Advice Line - service aimed at men experiencing domestic abuse 0808 801 0327
National Helpline 0808 2000 247
Body Positive can also offer training to groups in regards to healthy relationships - please visit

You can support Broken Rainbow’s new Rainbow Dot campaign by sending them a photograph with a Rainbow Dot on your hand.

These photographs will be used on Broken Rainbow’s social media sites, and some will also be included in a number of photographic exhibitions that they are hoping to show across the UK.

If you are willing to show your support in this way by providing a photograph, or would like to know more about the work they do, you can contact them at: or by phone to 08452 60 55 60. They will then post you a lovely temporary rainbow dot tattoo for you to take your photograph.




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