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Tango Traviesa

Strictly Come Dancing. The glitter, the glam, the stacatto movements, the head swivelling...We all might have an idea of what we think Tango is, but real Argentine Tango is not about the sequins (though they can certainly be part of it if wished), rather about inner connection with another person, walking meditation, playfullness and conversation without words. It's a complicated dance, but really it's all about embracing another human being. It can be terribly serious, and seriously fun.

Tango Traviesa (Naughty Tango) started last month in Chester to offer an inclusive space for people to dance alternative, traditional and Tango Queer. Tango Queer is the name used for Tango that refuses to play by the rules.
It is about exchanging roles, same sex couples, access to Tango for the LGBT community, female leaders and male followers. It is gender-blind dancing for everyone who wants to learn the authentic and addictive Argentine Tango.

Tuesday Nights in Missoula
7.30-8.30pm Class for beginners
8.30-10.30pm Practica dancing
5 for class (includes entry to Practica)
or 3 for Practica only
Come and give it a try, friendly and informal. Everyone can learn to dance.

First class always FREE




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