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218 | April/May 2016 | Page updated 4 April 2016               

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Calling All Readers!

Are you looking to make a better future for lesbian, gay, bisexual and people with different gender-identities in Cheshire?

Come to Body Positive and get experience working with a range of people on issues around sexual-orientation, gender-identity, relationship issues, sexual health and HIV-dignoses. We have regular opportunities for you to work with young people in colleges, people who come from disadvantaged or vulnerable groups such as the homeless and many more.

If you are looking for a placement opportunity to go alongside your university or college course Body Positive offers opportunities in intervention design, research, systematic reviewing, consultancy, teaching and placements for trainee counsellors. Trustee places are available for anyone looking to have an influence of the direction of the organisation to better meet the sexual health and diversity needs across Cheshire.

Commitments range from when you are available to regular slots each month or week. You will have all the benefits of the professional training given to our staff and the support of a mentor to improve your skills and develop. All enquiries are no obligation and confidential. Contact us today to find out more.

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