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236 | April/May 2019 | Page updated 29 March 2019          

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Mike loves Tony (but not like that). Heís his best mate. To be confident, outgoing and not afraid of showing people who you really are is a big deal in 1986 in Liverpool. When they discover The Masquerade, Mike gets a taste of the life he could be living. He is welcomed in with open arms, soon becoming the resident DJ in a club that is the centre of his universe. Outside of those walls he needs to find the courage to tell his parents that he is not the son that they want him to be. Will he find the strength to stand up for himself when tragedy strikes?

Liverpoolís Royal Court presents Laura Leesí beautiful story about one manís search for a place to be accepted set in one of the most famous Liverpool gay clubs of the 1980s. Fun, music, love and tragedy sit side by side in this brand new studio play about finding a place where you donít have to hide away.

24th July - 10th August at the Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool, 0151 709 4321




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