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Volunteering for Body Positive

Hi, my name is Billy and I am currently volunteering at Body Positive. I have been volunteering there since July. I mainly do administration work, but also help out with events and doing some work for LGBT archives. I only found out about the organisation in June, while I was doing a youth radio project with Gaydio. We interviewed Rachel, who works for them and I was fascinated to find that an organisation, like Body Positive, exists in the Cheshire region. Her interview led me to contact Body Positive themselves, and now I am here! I look forward to learning all I can, whilst with this organisation.

Organisations like Body Positive need to exist in order to promote sexual and mental health. These topics are highly under-valued in society (although, they are slowly getting better) and are also topics, which I want to know more about. I didn’t realise how ignorant I was regarding sexual health!

I am also part of the LGBT Choir called ‘Proud Marys’ and that seems to have really helped open my eyes to the LGBT community in Chester. It is also a way for me to enjoying singing as well. I never really had the courage to sing in front of people, but I have performed at two pride events already with them, so it has really taken me out of my comfort zone! I look forward to any other performances, that we will do in the future.




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