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238 | August/September 2019 | Page updated 1 August 2019         

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Want to help researchers shape their research?

UCL are looking for young people to help us design research studies to ensure our work is appropriate and acceptable.

We have several ongoing projects which focus on the sexual health of young sexual and gender minorities. For example, one of our projects is about medication called PrEP to prevent HIV. In this study, we want to improve understanding attitudes towards HIV PrEP. Another one of our studies explores young gender and sexual minority experiences in general practice and identify ways to improve this service.

Ultimately, we want to improve sexual health for young sexual and gender minorities.
At the moment, we would like some input from:
1. Gay, bisexual, or other men who have sex with men aged 16-25
2. Transgender people aged 16-25
If you don't identify with those groups, we'd still like to hear from you!

Whatís involved?
You will have an opportunity to give your views on our projects, and work with us to ensure we address issues that are a priority for young sexual and gender minorities.

Will I be paid?
Yes! We will pay you £20 per hour.

What skills do I need?
You donít need to have any experience with research (we can provide some training if needed), just to be enthusiastic, listen to others points of view, and work well with a team.

If youíre interested in helping you can find more details at




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