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Trans Photo Project

My name is Denise Laura Baker and I am a portrait, street and documentary photographer. I am currently working on a project collaborating with the trans community capturing stories and images in domestic and everyday settings.

Much of the published work carried out with the trans community has a sorrowful edge to it. Contemporary photography often focus on the struggle individuals have been through; this may include ostracisation, homophobia, the secret life, the outsiderness of being different, the taboo etc. (see Robin Hammond’s photographs in the ‘Where Love is Illegal’ series)

In this project I want to capture the opposite. I want to discover everyday stories in domestic settings. I want to uncover the happiness found in being true to one’s self and having the freedom to do so. I understand that for many there has been a struggle, however I want to look forward rather than reflecting on the past and focus on any positives that may be a part of where people are in their lives right now.

In western society we are entering a period of more gender fluidity, where there is a dialogue in relation to gender identification taking place.

Thankfully we do not live in a society where it is illegal to be gay, people are not routinely imprisoned or beaten by the authorities for being trans and individuals hopefully have more opportunity to be out and proud. This project aims to demystify individual lives focusing on the fact that we are all human beings with our own unique stories.

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