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235 | February/March 2019 | Page updated 5 February 2019       

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Changes to services for LGBT+ people and MSM in Cheshire

Body Positive is redesigning its services to improve how it reaches LGBT+ people and those at highest risk of HIV across Cheshire. Check-out what's changing for you below and visit our website for regular updates on social events.

Lesbian Bi Women's group (Crewe) - Dates, times and location is unchanged. The Group will continue to operate from Bridgewater House from 7pm to 9pm on the first and third Thursday of the month.

Gay and Bi Men's group (Crewe) - Groups will change to the first and third Monday of the month and remain from Bridgewater House from 7pm to 9pm.

Gay and Bi Men's group (Macclesfield) - The last group in Macclesfield will be held on February 25th. After this time we will no-longer be running a Gay and Bi men's group in Macclesfield. All other services including, education, one-to-ones and counselling will continue as normal: this change only affects the social group.

Gay and Bi Men's group (Chester) - Due to demand from service users we will be setting up a monthly group located in central Chester. We estimate the group to start within the next two months on finding a suitable location. Groups will be in the evenings in the middle of the week. If you have any suggestions or ideas please let us know by e-mailing




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