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232 | August/September 2018 | Page updated 30 July 2018           

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LGBQ adults' experiences of NHS primary care psychological or counselling services

King's College London want to find out about LGBQ adults experiences of being referred to, or receiving NHS care for, mild to moderate psychological difficulties (e.g. depression, anxiety, stress or other problems). They also need to hear from people who were referred but did not receive any treatment, or who decided not to continue with treatment.

The interview is not about experiences of treatment received for more serious mental health problems such as bipolar disorder, psychosis or anorexia nervosa. These problems are usually treated in ‘secondary’ care services such as community mental health teams.

You can find full details at

The study has been approved by King's College London Psychiatry, Nursing and Midwifery Research Ethics Sub-Committee; reference HR-15/16-3369




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