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From Prejudice to Pride
LGBT Film Festival 23 - 25 February 2018

From Prejudice to Pride is a heritage project preserving the rich and varied LGBT history of Cheshire. To celebrate LGBT History Month we are hosting our first ever film festival showing an exciting range of screenings from classics to new and diverse documentaries.

The films will be shown in the Regalette, a 40 seater cinema housed within the Weaver Hall Museum in Northwich. All screenings are free but it is advisable to book as there are limited places.

In addition to the film screenings there is an exhibition of LGBT history and workshop sessions for all ages.


Britain On Film - LGBT Britain
PG 2.00pm 85 mins FREE

Britain's LGBT history is the inspiring subject of this Britain on Film on Tour feature. With films spanning 1909 to 1994, it documents a century in which homosexuality went from crime to Pride. It's a moving and fascinating collection, encompassing both the collective public fight for equalty and the claiming of the right to ove and to say publicly, proudly: this is who I am.


Victim (1961)
12 10.00am 96mins FREE

The first English language film to use the word 'homosexual', Victim stars Dirk Bogarde as the lawyer who becomes invloved in blackmail plots. Victim played an influential role in liberalising attitudes and the laws regarding homosexuality in the 1960s.

Regina v Turing & Murray
U 12.00pm 60mins FREE

Re-dock present a film of the play based on the trial of Alan Turing recreated at Knutsford Court House. Using actors recruited from the local community the film gives a real insight into the attitudes of the day towards gay men and the climate of fear and shame.

Les Invisibles (2012)
E 1.30pm 115mins FREE

This documentary meets 11 elderly gay French men and women who talk about their lives with an illuminating mix of candour, wisdom, humour and sorrow. It offers us a portrait of life from the older LGBT generation often ignored and unheard. (French with English Subtitles).

Queen of Ireland (2015)
18 3.30pm 83mins FREE

This is the incredible documentary following Pandora 'Panti' Bliss, part glamorous aunt, part Jessica Rabbit. The film sees Panti on their journey from a small town in Mayo to a national figurehead for equality, and all the way to global spokesperson for LGBT rights.

Crocadyke Dundee (2015)
18 6.15pm 55mins FREE

Dawn O'Donnell was a convent girl who became a professional ice skater, travelled the world and then landed up in 1950s Australia, a penniless lesbian. She stormed through Sydney's gay underworld and built herself an empire of bars, clubs, sex shops and drag shows.

Desert Hearts (1985)
18 7.30pm 91mins FREE

Before Carol there was Desert Hearts. Set in the 1950s, the film broke the mould of how a lesbian love story could be represented on screen and remains as vibrant and intoxicating as it was when we first encountered Vivian and Cay. Desert Hearts is a true lesbian classic.


Christopher and His Kind (2011)
15 2.00pm 90mins FREE

Cheshire born author Christopher Isherwood embarks on a journey of self discovery, the film tells the story of how he and his German boyfriend Heinz met and fell in love. Set against the backdrop of Berlin's bohemian scene in the 1930s and the dark side of Nazi politics. Starring Matt Smith and Douglas Hodge as Heinz.

Reaching for the Moon (2013)
12 6.00pm 114mins FREE

This award winning drama recounts the extraordinary relationship between poet Elizabeth Bishop and architect Lota de Macedo Soares. In search of inspiration, Bishop leaves America to stay with an old friend. But she never counted on meeting the love of her life, her friend's partner.

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